Carly Lodge

Carly Lodge

About Me

As a product design leader, I have spent the last 8 years helping companies focus on a seamless user experience with beautiful and intuitive design. I have worked with clients such as Jon Bon Jovi, America’s Cup, Cricket Wireless, Fillmore Merchants’ Association and more. For the past 6 years I have led the UX team for Hipmunk where design and user experience is a core differentiator for the company. Since Hipmunk's acquisition by Concur in 2016, I have helped bring the same delightful consumer experience to small business travelers.

As a former high school teacher I find that design leadership is the perfect intersection of my two major passions: solving real problems through human centered design and supporting the growth individuals on my team.

Ethics in Design

As designers we have an opportunity to solve some of the greatest challenges our society faces but with that comes great responsibility. From making inclusive design a top priority, to diverse hiring, to understanding and addressing unintentional and potentially harmful consequences of our designs, I believe we have a social responsibility to strive for ethical design that improves the lives of those around us and solves real problems.

Management Philosophy

I have been hugely influenced by the management principles set forth in the book Radical Candor by Kim Scott. In short, managers are most effective when they are direct with their feedback, in both criticism and praise, but also care personally about the individuals on their team. Establishing that trust allows us to be candid with one another, take feedback as a gift, and ultimately drive results. I’m also an advocate for bringing your whole self to work. I do not believe our work and personal lives live independently of one another. When we are authentic in our workplace relationships our engagement, productivity, and overall well-being thrive.





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